Why Your Choice of a Criminal Defense Attorney Matters?

Why Your Choice of a Criminal Defense Attorney Matters?

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, or if you are facing charges for aggravated assault, whatever comes next will have a profound impact on your future life. Every criminal conviction comes with devastating consequences which include:

  • Jail or prison time
  • Substantial fines (and other costs)
  • Mandatory participation in counseling (or classes)
  • Loss of driving privileges (loss or suspension of one’s driving license)
  • Probation
  • Criminal record
  • Forfeiture of constitutional rights
  • Community service

Having a criminal record will negatively impact your personal and your business life, your educational and professional career, as well as ruin your relationships and your reputation. If you are facing criminal charges, you have to get an experienced attorney who will help protect your best interests and potentially clear your name. Choosing the right attorney is essential, as it will impact your future. Feel free to contact criminal lawyers in Pittsburgh and schedule a free consultation. Here is why it is important to make the right choice when choosing an attorney.

A Big Difference

There is a big difference between having a private attorney representing you and having a public defender representing you. If you are eligible for a public defender, you will most likely be assigned one; the attorney will be someone who is already working on several different cases, and with limited resources. This will all impact your case (in a negative way). For starters, the attorney will not have enough time to meet with you to discuss the case. Also, they will not be able to hire additional professionals to help work on your case (forensics, private investigators, DNA testing). And even though public defenders can be skilled and experienced, they cannot commit to a case as well as private attorneys can.

That being said, you may want to think twice before choosing your attorney or getting one for free.

Acting Immediately

If you hire the right criminal defense attorney and if you do it as soon as you can, they will be able to jump right in and file an initial plea. This will slow down your case, and reduce the chances of facing a formal criminal charge. Our attorneys will also look at the work of the police who were on the scene, and see if any of their actions were illegal or improper. If this can be proven, you will immediately get a reduced sentence, or have your case completely dismissed.

A public defender will wait and usually intervene once you have been charged. And at that point, it may already be too late to save you from years behind bars.

Contact Pittsburgh criminal attorneys as soon as you can, and maximize your odds of staying out of jail for as long as possible. With attorneys by your side, you will have a high-quality legal representation and a team of experts working on your case day and night. The team has the resources and knowledge needed to help hire additional experts to benefit your case. Do not wait to give them a call when things go south.