Why Personality Tests Are A Bad Idea In The Workplace?

Workplace Discrimination Attorneys in Los Angeles

As an employer, it is in your best interests to hire the best possible workers for your company. Even though this sounds like an easy thing to do, in reality, it takes a lot of work finding the right type of employees.

Many employers make bad decisions when hiring their employees, or implement certain techniques that are usually less effective and can have negative consequences. One of these examples is a personality test. Some employees use it during the employment interview, while others use it to test their employees and see whether or not they are “suitable” for a certain position.

Here is why it is a bad idea to have your employees take a personality test in the workplace.

They are Time Consuming

Regardless of how you choose to conduct a personality test, it is going to require thorough preparation. Not only that, but your employees will spend at least one hour of their work time filling the personality test, which will definitely have an impact on your general business and production.

It may have a negative impact on your business, as well as on your employees. If the test is conducted during the initial interview, the potential candidate may get frustrated, lose their focus and even interest. Some candidates may even feel discriminated by a certain type of questions.

Whether you are an employer who is facing charges for discriminative behavior or an employee who feels discriminated by the employer, one thing is certain: you are going to need legal representation. Be sure to call workplace discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles and schedule your free initial consultation to learn more about how you can protect yourself against discrimination at the workplace, and see if you are eligible to file a discrimination claim against your employer, and potentially receive substantial compensation.

It May be Offensive

Different people have different ways of thinking. If one or more of the employees in the company are short-tempered, introvert or simply lack the desire to do any type of tests, a personality test may be a bad idea. Most of those employees will feel irritated by the test, which may raise the tensions in the workplace. Before you know it, the workplace will become less productive and an unhealthy place to be in.

Others may simply find the test offensive, as there are always certain questions that could be interpreted in the wrong way. If and when this happens, the employee may sue the employer for discrimination at the workplace.

Los Angeles workplace discrimination attorneys know that there have been hundreds of these cases in which a personality test complicated things for both the employees and the employer. The best way to avoid these unnecessary complications is to find more suitable ways of educating, testing or hiring/promoting your employees (as an employer).

If you are an employee who feels discriminated in any way, feel free to reach out to the attorneys and find out whether or not you have the right to sue your employer for workplace discrimination.