What Will Be Your Next Step When Your Insurance Company Denies Your Auto Accident Claim?

What Will Be Your Next Step When Your Insurance Company Denies Your Auto Accident Claim?

If you are caught in a car accident, call the police and the ambulance. You have to get checked by a doctor to prevent any conditions or injuries from causing permanent damage to your body or brain. Also, you should help the police craft a police report, which your attorney can later use to help prove that you are a victim and secure your settlement.

Once you have everything set and you believe that you have every right to file a claim against the person responsible for causing the accident, you should file a claim against them.

But what happens if your claim gets denied by the insurance company? What rights do you have, and is there anything you can do to change that? Lucky for you, there are a few options.

Contact An Attorney

When and if your auto accident claim gets denied by the insurance company, you should immediately get in touch with one of the Auto Accident Lawyer San Diego. Schedule a free consultation and receive a case review. Perhaps you did the math incorrectly, and are responsible for causing the accident to occur. Either that or the insurance company did indeed deny your claim for unknown reasons, assuming that they haven’t provided you with a reason.

If that is the case, the attorneys will be able to help you recover your settlement. The first thing they will do is send a formal letter to the insurance company, with the requested amount and the proof of all of your injuries sustained in the accident, along with a copy of a police report and the investigation report. This is called the “Demand Letter” and is normally issued first.

If that does not work and the insurance company still continues to deny your claim, the attorneys will try and negotiate the settlement instead of simply putting up demands. They will use a different approach and try and convince the insurance company that they have to pay you for your damages. The insurance company will have to negotiate or face going to court.

Note: Do not be afraid of taking your claim to court. If the insurance company continues to deny your settlement (which they can do), the court can make them provide you with one, assuming that you have enough evidence to back up your claim.

Filing a Lawsuit

A Lawsuit should be your last option. If the insurance company continues to deny your claim, you should consider filing a lawsuit against them. If you have enough evidence, the San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer will put a lot of work into your lawsuit and ensure that everything goes according to the law.

Be sure to talk to the attorneys and tell them everything that happened, without hiding any details or part of the story. Lying won’t bring you any good, and every lie will resurface eventually, causing you more damage than you could possibly imagine. Be straightforward and honest, and rest assured that your claim will be successful if you are a victim of that car accident.