What Is The Right Time to File A Divorce?

What Is The Right Time to File A Divorce?

Your marriage is not what it used to be. You yearn for freedom and you want to file for divorce. The uncertainty is killing you, as you have no clue when or how you should file for a divorce. What do you do?

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of people with the same thought, asking the same questions every day. Luckily, the answers to your problems are simple. Here is everything that you need to know about filing for divorce.

Is the Decision Final?

You have gone through it many times in your head. But are you ready to do it? Is it your final decision, or are you still having second thoughts? If that is what you want, and you thought about it and decided, then you can start with the first step: contacting an attorney. Without an attorney, your divorce process will be a horrible experience. You will risk losing your assets, your children and life as you knew it.

Do you have an attorney on speed dial? If no, contact a Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney today and let him help guide you through your divorce process.

When to File a Divorce?

Once you are feeling completely ready to change your life, you can proceed with the divorce papers. However, keep in mind that timing is crucial: file too early and you could be faced with a bunch of deadlines (producing documents and agreements that you were not prepared for). On the other hand, file too late and you will find yourself tracing your missing assets, you will not have your health insurance anymore (potentially), and you will lose track of all transactions in the recent years that cannot be changed. Also, if your financial situation changed, that will make it all the worse.

The key is timing. Think in advance and prepare for your divorce. Get all the paperwork ready, and set aside a certain sum to cover the expenses. And only when you have everything under control should you file for divorce.

Prepare Emotionally

Another aspect of every divorce is emotional strength. Are you ready to make that change? Will you be okay waking up every day without your spouse beside you? Are you ready for that emotional transition in your life, knowing that you may not be seeing your children every day? Most changes are drastic, especially if your marriage was long. You can know if you are not emotionally ready by answering the following questions:

  • Are you scared or surprised by the thought of getting divorced?
  • Are you having trouble making other decisions in life?
  • Are you angry and frustrated?
  • Do you snap at your kids for no reason?
  • Did others tell you that you do not look well?
  • Are you crying when least upset?
  • Do you have an emotional outburst?

All these signs will help you understand the situation you are in. Do not push your divorce if you are not ready for it. And once you are ready, a divorce attorney in Fort Lauderdale will be there to help you get the most out of your divorce and help you finalize it in a timely manner.