What Are the Qualifications For a Paralysis Lawsuit in Hawaii?

What Are the Qualifications For a Paralysis Lawsuit in Hawaii?

Paralysis is arguably the most devastating catastrophic injury. Hawaii is home to many people who no longer have the ability to walk or move any of their upper or lower extremities. Unfortunately, far too many cases of paralysis are the result of medical negligence. Unlike most personal injury cases, paralysis has lifelong effects that require significant care. For those who suffer from spinal cord injuries, it is vital for them to receive the money needed to pay for their damages, medical care and living expenses. The best solution is to seek representation from an experienced Hawaii paralysis lawyer. However, a paralysis lawsuit is not always easy to win. To receive the settlement you deserve, it is important to properly understand the conditions and qualifications of a paralysis lawsuit in Hawaii.

Who is responsible for the negligence?

First, it is crucial to identify who is negligible. For example, if a person is paralyzed due to a misfired gun, the gun manufacturer could be also held liable if the weapon was poorly designed or was defective. Many paralysis lawsuits in Hawaii are also the result of a doctor’s failure to treat a spinal cord injury. Here are some other examples of people who can be considered negligible for paralysis.

  • Physicians and medical personnel who failed to provide adequate medical care
  • Manufacturers of defective products that caused the spinal cord injury
  • Businesses that fail to provide a safe environment
  • Businesses that fail to enforce safe working procedures
  • Anyone who causes the injury with complete disregard of their actions

Who caused the injury to become worse?

paralysis lawsuits in Hawaii can get very complicated. In many instances, paralysis can be the result of complications stemming from a previous injury. If a doctor makes a mistake and causes the injury to worsen into paralysis, they can be liable. The victim may be able to file a paralysis lawsuit against any party that is responsible.

Can the Negligent Party Pay For Your Damages?

One of the biggest challenges facing those with spinal cord injuries is recovering the money needed from a settlement. Very few people found negligent of paralysis in Hawaii have the money to pay for the victim’s treatment and living expenses. Many catastrophic injury lawyers in Hawaii will seek a settlement from a company, such as the gun manufacturer cited in the previous example. They may sue the medical facility rather than the physician who caused the paralysis.

When a person has suffered paralysis, their life will never be the same. Regardless of how much money a victim receives from a catastrophic injury settlement, it can never restore their ability to walk and function normally again. But it does not mean a person should have to live a poor quality of life. If you have suffered paralysis due to the negligence of others, it is vital to recover the full settlement to account for your expenses and the ability to live a good quality of life. To learn more, contact the Hawaii catastrophic lawyer with a track record of more than 20 years of getting results. Call Jed Kurzban at the law offices of Kurzban Kurzban Weinger Tetzeli and Pratt, P.A. and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.