What Are My Rights As A Cyclist In San Francisco?

Bicycle Accident Attorney

San Francisco is known for having a large number of cyclists. Every year, the state officials try and increase the awareness and importance of riding a bicycle. However, accidents still occur from time to time. When they do, someone (usually the cyclist) gets hurt.

As a cyclist in San Francisco, you should know your rights and how to protect your rights in case of an accident. Here is everything that you should know about cycling safely around San Francisco.

Pedestrians Have the Right of Way

Whether you are in the crosswalk or not, pedestrians almost always have the right of way. If you see a pedestrian approaching the crosswalk, yield. Let them pass, and then safely continue your journey.

The safest thing to do is stay behind the crosswalk and clear way for pedestrians.

Note: Did you know that about 40 percent of all bicycle accidents involve a pedestrian?

If you get involved in a bicycle accident, be sure to get in touch with San Francisco bicycle accident attorneys and seek their legal expertise. They will help you understand the situation you are in and support your legal claim if you are eligible and want to file one against the party responsible for causing the accident.

The Same Rules Apply For You

According to California laws and regulations, bicycles are sharing the roads with other vehicles, therefore the same rules apply for bicyclists. This means that you have to drive in the right lane and not on the sidewalk and that you have to signal others before switching lanes. Also, you have to pay attention to the traffic lights and stop and obey the red lights. In addition, you need to stay on the street as long as possible, and only get on the sidewalk if you are getting off your bicycle. It is illegal to ride on the sidewalk if you are over the age of 13.

Be sure to ride in the same direction as the traffic, and if you happen to find yourself on the wrong side of the road, get off your bicycle and walk your bike on the sidewalk until you reach the other side.

If you are next to a parked car or riding in a narrow lane, take the lane and ride outside of the door zone to avoid getting injured by the potentially reckless car driver.

You are required to have a light up in the night, and to have at least one ear clear so that you can hear everything around you clearly. If you wanted to use your headphones, you are only allowed to use one ear to listen to music and you must keep one ear free of headphones at all times.

In case you end up injured by a reckless driver, be sure to speak with an attorney in San Francisco. They will help evaluate your case and protect your best interests in the process. You have the right to file a claim against the reckless driver whose actions caused your injuries. Be sure to give a call them as soon as you are able to.