Types of Effects That Divorce can have on Children this Holiday Season

Types of Effects That Divorce can have on Children this Holiday Season

Are you looking forward to Christmas and New Year? With holidays just around the corner, many families are looking to decorate their homes, buy presents and spend a lot of quality time together.

But, there are also those families that will be called “family” for the last time. Yes, some people do divorce during Holiday season. And to be fair, it is worse than it sounds.

Children look at holidays as a part of the year which belongs to gifts, happiness, joy and quality family time. If you take that away from them, you risk ruining their favorite time of the year, for good.

Here are some of the negative effects a divorce can have on your children, especially if processed during Holiday Season.


All children have the need to be around both parents. They need their family time, and they will spend equal time with both parents if given the opportunity. However, if two parents cannot work things out, divorce is imminent. But is it actually good to divorce during the holiday season?

To understand that question, you need to put yourself in your child’s shoes. No child wants to hear that his/her parents are divorcing. Especially during holiday season, they want to be surrounded with love and warmth and positive energy. They do not want to go to court or hearings during the holiday season. No child wants that.

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Be careful not to disappoint your kids, as it may stain them for life. They will never again enjoy holidays if their parents are divorces at that time.

Even If Separated, Get Together For Holidays

If you and your spouse separated and wish to seek a divorce, you can do it right after holidays are over. It would be in your children’s best interest to try and get together for the holiday season and spend Christmas and New Year in the same house or hotel. If you and your spouse can put your differences aside and be civil and courteous, your children will grow up loving Christmas instead of hating it.

If you cannot stay in the same house, consider taking your children to a nice restaurant, or somewhere where you can all be together and have a great meal at the same time.

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It is important to realize that you are doing this for your children. If they are your priority, you and your spouse should be able to overcome any differences and join together during this period. Try and be as natural as you can, and arm yourself with a wide smile and a loving heart. Those things are a recipe for success.