When a Tree Fell on My Car; does My Homeowners’ Insurance Policy Cover Damage?

When a Tree Fell on My Car; does My Homeowners’ Insurance Policy Cover Damage?

There are a lot of cases where one’s property was damaged by a falling tree. Since Florida is known for notoriously strong winds, the chances of a tree falling down and damaging your car are pretty high.

But what exactly happens once a tree falls down on your car? Are you entitled to receive compensation from your homeowner’s insurance policy? The answer is both “Yes” and “No”. Listed below are some examples of the situation, and explanation on the process and how it works.

Tree Fell On Your Property

A tree fell on your car and it did substantial damage. You contacted your insurance company, and they started asking you the following questions:

  • Was the tree on and a part of your property?
  • Was the tree rotten?
  • Was the tree badly maintained?
  • Did the wind cause the tree to fall?
  • Was it done by your negligence?

Why are all these questions important? Well, each and every one of them is an important factor in deciding whether or not you will receive the compensation for the damages done to your car or property. Let us say that the tree was on your property and it belonged to you; in order to receive compensation for the damages done by the falling tree, you have to prove that it was the wind that caused the tree to fall. If the tree was healthy and toppled due to the wind, your homeowners’ insurance policy may help cover for the damages and help pay the repairs to your car and other property.

However, if the tree was badly maintained, if it was old or rotten, and the wind just gave it a little push, the chances are that you won’t see a single dollar from the insurance company. For this reason, it is important to answer the above-listed questions and provide as much evidence as possible to the insurance carriers. To help you deal with the issue, our Insurance Lawyers in Miami are at your disposal. Being one phone call away, they will immediately come and help support your case and claims.

What if Someone Else’s (Or Public) Tree Damaged My Car?

In case the accident happened outside of your property, in someone else’s property or in a public place, you will most likely be entitled to receive compensation for the damages done to your vehicle:

  • If it happened on your neighbor’s premises, you can file a claim with their insurance company.
  • If it happened in a public place, your homeowners’ insurance policy will help you cover the damages done to your vehicle.

Am I responsible If A Tree From My property Damages Another’s Property?

When this happens, you may be considered responsible if you:

  • Neglected the tree in its evident bad shape
  • If you poorly maintained the tree
  • If you contributed to its fall

However, if the wind or other elements of nature contributed to the tree’s fall, the person who received property damage will have to file a claim through their own insurance.

Call our Miami Insurance Lawyers today, schedule your initial free consultation and learn how an attorney can help you receive compensation for the damages done to your property.