Some Tips for Safe Late Night Car Driving

Some Tips for Safe Late Night Car Driving

Every driver should know the dangers of driving during the night. The visibility is low, and once fatigue and exhaustion kick in, the chances of falling asleep and getting involved in an accident increase with each passing minute.

Other things that can increase the risk are:

  • Bad weather or extreme weather conditions
  • Fog
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Lack of driving experience

Listed below are some safety tips for driving at night that every driver should be familiar with.

Headlights: ALWAYS ON!

Some drivers have the habit of using their headlights at all time. This is not bad at all, as they do not affect the traffic during the day, but make all the difference in the world at night. One good thing about having your headlights on during the day is that you get to see the changes in lighting; as the sun begins to set, your headlights will appear stronger and stronger. The same thing goes for sudden thunderstorms or rainy clouds that can cover the sun in an instant. Without your headlights being on, you will not be able to see anything and will likely end up in an accident.

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Keep A Safe Distance

Another thing you should always pay attention to is the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. For safety reasons, you should keep your distance and drive about three times your car’s length behind the driver in front.

The reasons why you should do this are the following:

  • If you get too close, your lights may blind the driver in front
  • If the driver in front has to make a sudden stop, you need to have enough road and space to react
  • If the driver in front of you starts switching lanes or shows signs of exhaustion, you need to have enough road and space to avoid a collision
  • By keeping your safe distance, you avoid making the driver in front nervous

Stay Awake!

If you had a long day at work, call a cab if you are unable to drive back home. Call your spouse or your friend to come and pick you up, or consider public transport.

Getting behind the wheel while already yawning and being drowsy will just increase your odds of falling asleep and getting in a car accident. You would be surprised by the amount of highly experienced drivers who met the same fate.

If you have no other choice but to driver, get some coffee or energy drinks to keep you going, and have at least one of your windows slightly open to allow the fresh air to circulate and keep you awake.

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