Things to Know About Returning To Work After An Injury In Los Angeles

Things to Know About Returning To Work After An Injury In Los Angeles

Receiving an injury at work can be devastating. Your entire life may change, as the injury may prevent you from enjoying in and performing everyday activities. Some injuries are so severe that the injured individual can never work again, leaving the individual without a source of income.

However, it is often the case that the injured individual overcomes the injury and fully heals. The last thing remaining is to go back to work. But is it always easy to return to work and are there any potential problems that may occur? We talked with workers comp lawyer LA, and this is what they told us, based on their experience working with and helping many injured individuals in California.

Return Date

As an injured individual returning to work, the first thing that you have to keep in mind is the date. After you visit the doctor, you will be prescribed a treatment schedule. Now in some cases, the doctor may tell you when you are to return to work. However, that is not always the case. Regardless of whether or not you were notified when you are to return to work, you should check any paperwork the doctor gave you and carefully inspect every paragraph. Maybe you were ordered to return to work on a specific date, even if it the same date of your last treatment. If that is the case, you should notify your employer of it when the day comes. Refuse to do so and you may face serious consequences, such as:

  • Loss of daily wages
  • Lowered payment (if monthly)
  • Termination

Be sure to speak with your doctor and your employer and do what you are supposed to do in order to safely return to work.

You May Get Fired

You may not like it, but after sustaining a workplace injury, you may get fired by your employer. If you are not working under a contract, your employer may simply not have a position for you even after your recovery. Either that or you may not receive the same pay as you used to.

In other cases, you may not be able to return to your old work duty. Your employer is not obliged to provide you with another work position. At this point, assuming that you filed for workers’ compensation, you have to wait and see the what the workers compensation administration has decided. It would be a good idea to contact Los Angeles workers compensation attorney and have them help you in securing your benefits, as your injury may prevent you from any work in the near future. If you get fired on top of that, these benefits will be your main and only source of income for the time being.

Secure your benefits and don’t let destiny or someone else’s mercy dictate your future. Hire a skilled attorney ahead of time and increase the odds of obtaining the worker’s compensation benefits.