Texting While Driving: There is No Excuse for Texting While Driving

Texting While Driving: There is No Excuse for Texting While Driving

Driving a motor vehicle requires constant attention to the road. Texting is an activity that takes the driver’s eyes, hands, and minds off the road, creating a dangerous condition that puts the lives of others at risk.

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Distractions Cause Disasters

Texting while driving is becoming a leading cause of car accidents across the nation. A study conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found those truck drivers who were texting while driving were 23 times as likely to cause an accident than a driver who was paying attention to the road.

When drivers take their attention off the road, even for an instant, they can miss cars stopping in front of them, leading to rear-end collisions. They can miss pedestrians, bicyclists, and other hazards. While using any electronic device while driving is dangerous, texting is perhaps the most dangerous, because it takes the greatest amount of attention.

If you were injured by a careless, texting driver, Colucci, Colucci & Marcus, P.C. attorneys will work to help you obtain full and fair compensation for the losses you have suffered.

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