Although scooters are considered to be relatively safe, what many don’t realize is that they can be even more dangerous than cars.

This was the conclusion by a Swedish team of researchers, who said traveling by a scooter had a 20 times higher risk of injury than driving a car.

Causes of death among scooter riders vary from one case to another, though they generally occur due to:

  • product liability (in order to be affordable, scooters are most of the times made of cheap and untested parts, which may malfunction and cause accidents);
  • bad road conditions and weather conditions (which can be deadly to scooter, motorcycle and bicycle riders, and much less deadly than to car drivers);
  • loss of control (as mentioned above, scooters are made of cheap components, and can have stability problems, electrical shorts, manufacturer defects and poor construction, all of which may cause loss of control and scooter accidents);
  • other parties’ negligence (failing to notice a scooter rider in the blind spots or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and failing to brake in a timely manner to avoid a collision with a scooter).

Riverside police is still investigating the death of a man in a motorized scooter who was struck by a train at Third Street near the railroad tracks earlier this month. The man was going over the tracks when his scooter stuck and wouldn’t move, according to reports.

Although reports say that the conductor of the train gave warning with the horns, the victim never moved out of the way. It’s yet unclear if there was any negligence on the part of the conductor. If there was, the family of the deceased may be entitled to pursue a wrongful death claim in Riverside.

How to win a wrongful death suit in Riverside?

Ask any wrongful death attorney in Riverside or anywhere else in California: scooter accidents are much more fatal than car accidents, which means – sadly but true – parents that buy their children scooters thinking it’s a safer alternative to cars are making a huge mistake.

Not to mention that over 90% of scooter riders are uninsured, according to a 2011 study. That means recovering damages in wrongful death or personal injury claims may be a complex process if you aren’t represented by an experienced attorney in Riverside.

On the other hand, negotiating with an insurance company in a wrongful death case may be a dead-end for those unfamiliar with insurance policies and laws in Riverside.

In fact, if you aren’t represented by a Riverside wrongful death attorney to obtain compensation for your emotional trauma, loss of consortium, punitive damages and other, even the most convincing claim may be rejected or denied.

The failure to comply with policies and follow laws when filing a wrongful death claim may result in the termination of the claim. And this makes sense considering that no insurance company will give you maximum compensation unless you have all the evidence to maximize financial compensation (it’s their bread and butter, after all).

Here at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg, our lawyers have represented the interests of families whose members died as a result of other parties’ negligence and we start winning on your behalf from the moment a wrongful death claim is filed.

Our wrongful death attorneys in Riverside do our best to recover the compensation that you and your family rightfully deserve for your loved one’s accident, whether it involved a scooter, motorcycle, bicycle, car, train, plane or any other means of transportation.

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