Some Risks of Dating During Divorce

Some Risks of Dating During Divorce

If you and your spouse cannot find a way to stay together, divorce is a reasonable solution. However, most married couples don’t understand how difficult and exhausting a divorce can be. There are many rules which have to be followed, and the most important one is – everything you say or do may be used against you. Yes, even a post on social media can affect the outcome of your divorce.

Even though the risks are high, some people want to go out, have fun and reenter the world of freedom as soon as possible. So they start dating before the divorce concluded. But is it a good idea? Listed below are the most important risks of dating during a divorce.

Losing a Custody Battle

As much as you would love to meet other people while divorcing and set the ground for your new life, it is highly recommended that you do it after your divorce settles. One of the main reasons why you should wait until the end is the custody of your children. If you and your wife cannot create a parenting plan, one will be assigned by the court once everything is taken into consideration.

However, if you start dating while divorcing, your soon-to-be-ex-spouse may use that against you in the courtroom. The judge may find it that you disrespected the terms of your marriage (technically, you are still married) and you may end up in a big trouble. The chances are that you may lose the custody battle before it even began.

Not only that, but your new partner’s conduct may be reviewed, which puts him/her right in the middle of your divorce. The court may investigate your new partner and if a criminal history, sexual harassment or abuse, or any type of domestic violence is found in your partner’s background check, the outcome of your divorce will be devastating for you. This could also be an early “bye bye” to your new relationship.

Consult with one of our Divorce Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale and learn what else you should avoid while divorcing, and how to get the most out of your divorce. Call today and schedule your initial free consultation.

Losing The Support

Eventually, even if you want to move out with your new boyfriend, we suggest you refrain from it until your divorce is solved. First, you may end up losing the marital house. Secondly, if you were to receive financial support, the amount you will receive will be reduced significantly. Since your new partner is helping you get back on your feet, you will receive much lesser financial support or no support at all. Again, every state has different rules on these matters, and the only way to know for sure is to speak with a Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney.

Don’t waste a potentially great future over something that is fresh and new. Be wise and wait until your divorce is finalized in order to get the most out of it.