Reporting for Sexual Harassment at Workplace? What Factors are Consider?

Reporting for Sexual Harassment at Workplace? What Factors are Consider?

Everyone has the right to equal and fair employment. This means that no employee should be discriminated against, mistreated, abused or harassed.

But in reality, many individuals are victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. Some of them keep fighting against it, while others do nothing to prevent or stop it.

If you or someone you know happens to be a victim of sexual harassment at the workplace, here are the factors you should consider in order to have a greater chance of success when filing a claim.

Did You File A Complaint?

The moment you decide to make a change and stop that one individual from sexually harassing you every day, you have to notify your superiors or your HR department. That is the first step towards putting an end to it. If your HR department is unable to do anything, let your employer know of it.

If your coworkers are the ones harassing you, speak with them and tell them that you don’t appreciate the compliments or jokes they make. Be straightforward, and face them directly. If it doesn’t work, you can always file a third party claim against them (or one of them).

If your employer is the one who is sexually harassing you, the best chance you have is to contact EEOC (equal employment opportunity commission) as fast as possible. They will protect you from any future harassment, and help you deal with your employer. You are going to need the help of an experienced wrongful termination lawyers. Simply schedule your free initial consultation, and learn how you can file a sexual harassment claim.

Do You Have Any Witnesses?

The most complicated thing with sexual harassment cases is providing evidence. Without a video recording, messages or other an actual witnesses, the whole case is typical “he said, she said” scenario. For this reason, you need a witness, anyone who is willing to testify on your behalf and prove that you were actually sexually harassed at your workplace.

This will strengthen your case’s credibility, and give you a foundation for a successful case. Talk with your attorney, and don’t forget to mention every little detail, regardless of how irrelevant you find it to be. Everything may be of the greatest value, and you should let your attorney be the judge of that. In case you don’t have an attorney, our sexual harassment attorneys are at your service. With just one phone call away, you could get some of the most experienced sexual harassment attorneys in the state.

Have Everything Documented

As a victim of sexual harassment, it would be wise to document everything. Keep notes, diaries, even the jokes or statements said by the harasser along with the date and time when it was said. This may help your case down the road and give your attorney clues as to where to start of the investigation. Again, any detail or evidence, no matter what it may be, can be a game changer.

Final Word – If you believe that you were a victim of sexual harassment at the workplace, speak with an attorney immediately and take actions accordingly. Remember to contact EEOC and file a sexual harassment (or a third party) claim/lawsuit depending on who the harasser is.