Pedestrian Safety Tips for both Pedestrian and Motorists

Pedestrian Safety Tips for both Pedestrian and Motorists

Believe it or not, but in some cities around the U.S., it is actually not safe at all to be a pedestrian. The reason is simple: there are just way too many motor vehicles on the roads, and crossing the street is not as simple as it used to be in the past.

However, with a few safety tips, every pedestrian could get out of trouble. Here are some safety tips that both motorists and pedestrians should apply whenever possible.

Follow The Signals

If you are a motorist, you have to obey the traffic laws. That is just how it is, and if you fail to do so, you will end up getting a ticket or lose your license if you disobeyed too many laws. The same goes for pedestrians; if you do not obey the traffic laws, you could get in trouble or end up in an accident.

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The Crosswalk

The only “safe” place for pedestrians to cross the street is the marked crosswalk. However, there have been situations in the past where a pedestrian was hit while crossing the street at the crosswalk. This only shows that many motorists do not pay attention and often ignore traffic laws and signals.

However, crosswalk is by far the safest place to cross the street. If you (as a pedestrian) want to “increase” your safety while crossing the street, try and cross at a corner of the street, and always look left and right multiple times to ensure that it is safe to cross, regardless of the fact that it is a crosswalk.

As a motorist, as soon as you spot a crosswalk, you should start slowing down. If you have the right of way and are able to turn right, but a pedestrian has a green light and starts crossing the street, be patient and give the pedestrian enough time to finish the crossing. Do not use your horn or hand gestures to pressure the pedestrian.


The deadliest places in the city are major intersections (especially those close to the freeway). Crossing the street is as complicated as it gets, especially during the rush hour. Everyone seems so impatient and aggressive, and the only way to work around an intersection is to carefully cross with the rest of the pedestrians.

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