How To Drive Defensive Car On California’s Highway? Read Tips

How To Drive Defensive Car On California’s Highway? Read Tips

Most people drive their vehicles out of necessity. Some travel to work every day, some go shopping, but there are those who drive out of pure enjoyment. Regardless of the reason, people drive every day and the accidents are inevitable.

In California alone, there are over 2,000 deaths from car accidents every year.

There are certain skills you could apply and avoid accidents on the road, or at least defend yourself against possible collisions. To find out more about defensive driving, we prepared a few tips to help you out.

Control the Speed at All Time

It is a general rule of physics that speed kills. The faster you go, the stronger the force of impact will be. With this in mind, you should be aware of your speed on California’s Highways at all time. Keep an eye on the speed limits, and don’t drive recklessly. Stay in your lane, watch the cars in front of you, and keep your distance.

Car Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles advise you to drive slower and safer. If the speed limit is 70 mph, drive 60 or 55. You will get where you are going, eventually.

Respect Other Drivers

You will find many drivers on the highway. You never know what any of them are going through, nor what is going on in their heads. This is why you cannot assume that everyone is sober and paying attention to the road. Instead, you should be the one paying extra attention to their vehicle’s behavior. If you notice anything suspicious, keep your distance. Lower your speed, or report a local patrol on the way. Either way, keep your eyes on the road at all time and pay attention to your surroundings. Respect other drivers, and don’t get in their lane. Always give a signal before switching lanes and make sure you are not putting anyone in danger. Don’t use the horn as it will cause unnecessary turmoil and raise tensions. Wait for the opportunity, and safely make a move.

Avoid Distractions!

There are many distractions that may cost you your life. For instance, using a cell phone while driving could cost you and your family members the ultimate price. If you really have to use the phone, either pull over or put it on a speaker (even though it is not recommended as it may distract you from the road ahead). The safest option is to wait until you have parked and then make a call.

*If you are someone who travels a lot and has to do many business calls, get wireless headphones*

Also, don’t eat while driving. It will cause a lot of distraction and may cost you your life. In case of an accident, call our Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers and schedule your initial free consultation. They will help you receive the compensation you are owed and guide you through the process.

Remember that it is easier to prevent the accident by simply being careful on the road. Use these tips and improve your driving skills. Be a true defensive driver by applying these safe-driving practices.