Is Your Spouse Having an Affair?

Is Your Spouse Having an Affair?

Why Are People Cheating?

Ever heard of instant gratification? According to a study done by Stanford University, people prefer to feel good at any moment and will disregard their current relationship status.

Unfortunately, there are affairs in many marriages, which 60% of the time entirely ruin the marriage. An extramarital affair done by your spouse can hurt you both emotionally and physically, and create chaos in your life.

This is something you cannot control. The best you can do is be faithful to your spouse, show infinite low and affection, support and act as a true marriage partner.

Adultery is a Serious Violation

Quite often, people just don’t feel the same attractiveness they once had towards one another. This is where they start using social media to attract the attention of other people, start going out to pubs, drinking alcohol with strangers and eventually, cheating.

How often have you heard about a couple that agreed to divorce so that they can be with other people? Now once you replied to that question, tell me this: how often have you heard about one spouse cheating on the other? See a big difference?

People love stability, comfort and security. They will not risk losing their marriage, but by cheating and committing adultery, they do exactly what they tried to avoid. At the end of the day, they can always hide behind “he/she will never know”. But they always find out, in the end.

So, if your spouse has an affair, especially during divorce proceedings, your marriage is considered adulterous, and if you can prove it, you will win the divorce process and probably get custody of children as well.

Did your spouse use your marital assets while conducting an affair? Speak to divorce attorney Fort Lauderdale and find out how you can use this information to gain benefit from your divorce.

50-50? I Don’t Think So

If you find out that your spouse was unfaithful, you can use the information to your benefits in terms of property division. In most cases of a normal divorce, both sides will receive an equal share of the divorce property. However, if one side commits infidelity, the non-adulterous party has the right to seek a non-equal division of the property, and get a better share of the division.

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Gain is Temporary, Loss is Permanent

Having a sexual relationship outside of your marriage may trigger certain chemicals inside your brain, making you feel happy and fulfilled. But that won’t last for long. On the other hand, the effect of adultery will last forever.

If you found out that your spouse cheated on you, during your marriage or during divorce proceedings, you may use it to your benefit and win over your children.

In addition to property division and children custody, you may also be granted monthly alimony. It pays off to be a faithful partner and a good and respectful spouse.

Divorces happen every day. One does not have to be infidel to request a divorce. As a no-fault state, Florida will grant a divorce to couples who feel that they are not compatible anymore. If you want to learn more about divorce and how to benefit from the process which already started, speak with a Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney today and explore your countless options.