How Are Lawyers Paid in Disability Discrimination Cases?

How Are Lawyers Paid in Disability Discrimination Cases?

Have you been a victim of discrimination? If so, the chances are that you are eligible to file a lawsuit against your employer. However, to do so, you are going to need an attorney. Going on your own against your employer is not that smart, especially since your employer probably has a team of experienced attorneys, ready to prepare a strong defense case.

For that reason, you should shop for a knowledgeable and skilled attorney, someone who can help you deal with the lawsuit and present your case in the best possible way. But getting an attorney is almost never cheap.

Here is what you have to know before hiring an attorney.

The Initial Consultation

In most cases, hiring an attorney can be free of charge. There are many attorneys, especially in Los Angeles, who offer a free initial consultation. Once there, you should learn everything about their fees and try to negotiate a deal that works for both you and the attorney. Feel free to negotiate as much as you can, because once you sign the contract, there is no going back.

Other attorneys could charge a flat rate (i.e. $200 for consultation, or a fixed hourly rate). Always ask before scheduling a consultation. And if you cannot find an attorney with a free consultation, contact our California disability discrimination lawyers and schedule a free of charge consultation today.

Retainer Agreement

Many discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles will ask you to sign a contract, usually right before you choose to hire them. This contract is called a retainer agreement, and it sets out the terms of your arrangement, including all the fees. These fees usually involve:

  • Contingency fees
  • Hourly fees

As previously mentioned, always ask the attorney for their hourly fees before you sign any contracts. That way, you will know exactly what you are opting for, and will know what to expect, without any “hidden costs” or “additional fees”. If you cannot understand what the attorney is talking about, feel free to ask them to explain to you or to put on paper all the fees that will be involved (current and future ones) so that you can have a clear insight into what to expect.

You should only opt for hourly rates when you need an attorney for a specific amount of time. For example, if you need them to draw a contract, or if you need a case review. In every other case, you should probably opt for contingency-based work. In this case, your attorney gets paid only if you win, meaning that if you lose, you will not have to pay anything to your attorney.

However, one thing to consider is that in some cases, you may end up paying the attorney more (up to 40 percent of your total compensation) if you choose a contingency-based contract. That is why you should always negotiate the attorney’s fees before signing a contract. Most attorneys will ask for about 25 to 33 percent of your final compensation, with this number increasing if your case goes to trial (it is both time and energy-consuming).

Speak with disability discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles and be sure to negotiate the attorney’s fees before you sign a contract. Our attorneys are always willing to help and will make you an offer that you cannot refuse. Call Today!