What about the Health Insurance for children After Divorce in Utah?

If you and your spouse decided to file for divorce, there are many things that you should consider before you do. One of those things is related to your children and their health insurance: who will pay for it and who will provide them with health insurance?

This is an important factor, and should always be determined prior to divorce to ease things up. However, in some cases, parents are simply unable to find common ground and are unable to decide who will provide the child with health insurance. In that scenario, the court takes over.

Health Insurance Through Employer?

If one of the parents has health insurance through their employer, the court will try and appoint that parent with the obligation of owning the insurance policy. That parent will be able to provide their child with health insurance, should the situation require it. Usually, health insurance through employer comes at a significantly lower cost, which benefits everyone involved.

If you are having problems with the insurance policy or need someone to represent your interests in court, be sure to contact our Salt Lake City divorce attorneys ad schedule a free initial consultation.

Premiums and Other Expenses

When it comes to paying the insurance premiums, the parents usually cannot decide who will be the one paying. The court usually (when involved) splits the premiums between both parents unless the situation is such that allows one parent to cover for everything (if one parent has much better salary and is in better standing than the other). The same goes for out of pocket and other medical expenses; they will be evenly split between both parents, by default. However, if one parent wishes to pay for those, the court will most likely allow it.

These things can affect the custody battle, and the parent who pays for all of the child’s expenses has a higher chance of getting custody of the child. Be sure to speak with Divorce Attorneys in Salt Lake City and learn more about health insurance premiums, as well as custody. These things will be important very soon, and you want to know as much as possible about them so that you can provide your child with the best possible health insurance and at the same time, get custody if the situation allows you to.

Both Parents Have Insurance

There are also cases where both parents have good and equal insurances. If that is the case, then the parents can decide among themselves which one will provide the child with health insurance. If the agreement cannot be made, the court can decide to allocate the expenses in any manner the court finds equitable. This is why you should always have an attorney by your side, especially if divorcing. There are many questions that have to be answered, and your attorney is the only one who is able to provide you with both knowledge and legal guidance. Never divorce without legal support.