How Hard is Wrongful Termination to Prove?

How Hard is Wrongful Termination to Prove?

Losing your job is an unfortunate event, one that may occur when you least expect it. In California, hundreds of people are fired every day. But is every firing “legal”, or are the those whose rights are injured?

Wrongful termination is tricky to prove. Yes, it does happen every day, but how do you prove that it actually happens to you? You probably feel aggravated for losing your job, and want to do something about it. Before you decide to take the legal course of action, we suggest you get the facts together. Here’s where you can start.

Your Contract

Do you even have a work contract? Have you signed any documents before you started working? Have you had any communication with your employer where they promised you work? Have you received a written promise?

If the answer is “Yes” to any of the above-listed options, the chances are that you actually have a “working contract”. Most workers in California are “at-will” employees, meaning that they did not sign any contract when they started working. However, this does not mean that they do not have rights.

An At-will employee can be fired at any time and for whatever reason, but that employee can still enforce the terms of employment. For example, if he got fired after a year of work, and was paid only half of the promised commissions, he has the right to sue the employer for breach of “contract”.

Have you Actually been Wrongfully Terminated?

Another thing you have to look into is your termination. What if you were fired legally, and there is nothing wrong with your termination? To find the answer, you have to consult with someone who has more knowledge and experience in handling these situations. Someone like our The Kaufman Law Firm Wrongful Termination Attorneys in Los Angeles; contact them as soon as you get fired, and they will help you understand the terms of your termination, and help you get to the bottom of it. If you were wrongfully fired, they will let you know and offer to help you take proper action.

Here are the most common causes of wrongful termination:

  • Retaliation
  • Whistleblowing
  • Fraud
  • Discrimination
  • Breaches of Good Faith and Fair Dealing

You have to be 100% sure that you are wrongfully terminated before you proceed and file a lawsuit against your employer. Make sure you collect all the evidence that may aid your case. This involves all correspondence with your employer, your working diary, witnesses to prove that you were wrongfully terminated, missing paychecks and any other evidence that our attorneys can use against your employer.

Was I Retaliated Against?

Have you seen something at the workplace which seemed “unusual”? Have you talked to someone about it? Reporting any type of “suspicious” activity at your workplace may get you fired. The most common reason is retaliation from the employer. If this happens, and you have evidence to support it, you may have a lawsuit in hand. Speak with our Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Attorneys today, schedule your free initial consultation and learn how you can receive compensation for wrongful termination.