How to get second marriage without divorce?

How to get second marriage without divorce?

Every day, there are over 6,000 marriages in the US. That brings us to over 2,3 million marriages every year. Since 2016, the average age of a bride rose above 25 (25,3 at the moment). However, with that information, we also need to point out that around 3,000 couples end up divorcing daily. That is almost 50 percent of all married couples.

Some people even get the crazy idea of getting married again, while still being married to their spouse. Is this possible, or is it only an urban legend? We spoke with some of the best legal experts on the matter, and here is what they told us.

The Importance of Divorce

Before you even think about getting married again while still being married to your current spouse, consult with your attorney. If you don’t have one, contact one of our Salt Lake City Divorce Attorneys today; schedule a free initial consultation and receive proper information on marriage and how important it is to get divorced before remarrying.

Some people think that they can secretly marry another person, without causing legal issues. However, this is impossible, at least in the United States.

Every attorney will tell you that in order to make another marriage, one that will be accepted by the court, you have to divorce and “exit” from your current marriage. Even if you do something crazy like getting married in Vegas, you will still cause more legal issues and will probably end up in jail once the information reaches the court.

Your current spouse (from your first marriage) will have the right to file a lawsuit against you, and you will most likely end up doing 7 to 10 years in prison.

This is a serious offense, and besides losing your first marriage, you will lose years of your life. Not only that, but your current spouse will be able to use that against you in court, take custody of the children, take your house, your assets and pretty much everything you have. Just like with adultery, you will have little to no chance to defend against such accusations.

Second Marriages Have Greater Success

It is no secret that younger couples rush to get married (usually in their early 20s). For that reason, the chances that their first marriage will fall apart are high, However, once they remarry, they will have a happier marriage and will learn from their first experience.

It is important to find someone of the “appropriate” age, someone close to your age, with the same interests, same life plans, someone who fulfills your day and makes your life better. Finding a perfect match is not impossible, and it does happen from time to time. But it is also important to realize that when a marriage is over, you have to let it go. Our skilled and highly professional Divorce Attorneys in Salt Lake City will help you with this. Contact our offices today, schedule your consultation, and learn how you can get a second marriage, or get out of your first one. You cannot have both at the same time.