Follow These Steps When Hit and Run Kills Pedestrian

Follow These Steps When Hit and Run Kills Pedestrian

Just like every other day, you went to work, did your 8-hour shift and were heading home. Only this time, you had an accident on the way back. And it wasn’t a regular car accident, but instead, you hit a pedestrian and they died as a result of the accident.

What are your legal rights? If you ran off from the scene, things may get really bad for you. However, if you stayed and waited for the cops, you may have a chance to deal with the situation.

Hit and Run

In case you killed someone on the road and fled the scene, it is only a matter of time before the evidence is found that leads right to your doorstep. The investigators will come, and once they do, you will be faced with criminal charges for vehicular manslaughter or negligent homicide, or even worse. On top of that, they will add the factor that you fled the scene and pack you up with additional charges. In other words, running after an accident is the worst thing you can do, and will probably result in serious jail or prison time.

Be A Dutiful Citizen

On the other hand, if you remained on the scene of the accident, you may have a better chance of getting home tonight. Simply call the police, wait for them to arrive and tell them what happened. Perhaps it was an accident, and the pedestrian appeared in the middle of the road at night. Perhaps it was a blind curve, or the pedestrian was drunk or intoxicated and jumped out in front of you. Maybe there were witnesses, another car passing by or other people in the area.

If that is the scenario, and if you did nothing wrong, the police will file a report and let you go home. However, the chances are that they will come back on it in order to confirm the details or investigate new leads that they may have found. We encourage you to contact a Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney and learn what you should do next. You still have legal rights, and should use them fully.

Wrongful Death

Regardless of whether you were criminally charged or not, you may still be civilly liable for wrongful death. After all, you did end up killing another person whether it was an accident or not. However, if there is no “proof beyond a reasonable doubt”, you may be able to get away with it. Your insurance company may cover you depending on the police report, and if you are cooperative, honest and did nothing wrong, and most importantly – if it is proven that you did not intend to kill the person, you may end up avoiding jail.

You are still going to need an attorney, one that knows how to handle this delict end complicated situation. We suggest you get in touch with our Car Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles right after the accident took place to increase your chance of walking out free.