Flip or Flop Stars Involved in Ugly Divorce

Flip or Flop Stars Involved in Ugly Divorce

They were one of America’s favorite television couples. Each week, millions of viewers tune into HGTV’s popular program Flip or Flop to catch California real estate agents Tarek and Christina El Moussa purchase old and neglected properties on the brink of foreclosure and transform them into beautifully remodeled homes to be sold for a profit. Since 2013, the attractive couple have become the most recognized faces on the HGTV network. One of the appeals of the show has been the couple’s ability to quickly fix up property quickly while under pressure to find a buyer. But now the El Moussas are facing a completely different type of pressure–divorce. It has gotten very ugly.

While Tarek and Christina presented themselves as a happy All-American couple on TV. Life beyond the camera was anything but pleasant. The couple originally split up back in May 2016 after a domestic dispute led to Tarek leaving the family home with a gun.  Police were called to the home after a 911 call and led to an investigative report about a “possible suicidal male with a gun”.

The relationship between the El Moussas had been contentious for quite some time. Anonymous HGTV crew members have said the couple would rarely speak to each other once the cameras were turned off. At the center of the split are allegations of infidelity by both spouses. Tabloid headlines had painted Tarek as a verbally and physically abusive husband who often bragged about sleeping with other women. Recently Christina, 33, has been dating 57-year-old Park City, UT resident Gary Anderson, who is a contractor that helped with the show. The El Moussas have two children–daughter Taylor 6 and son Brayden 1.

The Challenges of Co-Parenting

E-News reported Tarek and Christina are currently co-parenting their kids. A source close to the couple says both are working together trying to end their marriage amicably. Regardless of whether it is a celebrity couple or a regular people in Salt Lake City, co-parenting can be a challenge. But there are ways to make it work.

  • Maintain open dialogue with your ex:  While it may be uncomfortable to deal with your former spouse, it is important to always base your decisions on the best interest of the children. When it comes to co-parenting effective communication is a must. It does not have to be face-to-face. It can done by phone, email or text. Be courteous and share information on time sharing schedules and your plans with the children.
  • Be Consistent:  Parents need to remember children require a consistent routine and structure. It can encompass anything from meal times to performing household chores to completing homework assignments. It also helps children become more disciplined and responsible.
  • Be Positive:  Never say anything negative about your ex in front of the children. It not only undermines them, but it can also get back to your former spouse and create unnecessary drama.
  • Implement Behavioral Guidelines and Boundaries:  Both parents need to be in charge and make sure their children know exactly who is in charge. It also helps for both parents to present a united front and work together to ensure their children maintain good behavior regardless of which parent has custody.

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