Could You Face DUI Charges While Under the Legal Limit?

Could You Face DUI Charges While Under the Legal Limit?

It happens all the time in Salt Lake City. You may be out with a group of friends enjoying a couple of drinks at a bar on Las Olas Boulevard. But while going home, you are pulled over by a police officer. You feel confident and have no reason to worry. After all, you only had two drinks at the bar. There’s no possible way you possible face DUI charges. Right?  Think again. Although your blood alcohol level is below the .08 limit, a police officer can charge a motorist with a DUI if they believe alcohol played a role in your erratic driving.

The above scenario recently happened in Texas. A man was pulled and was given a breathalyzer test. Despite a blood/alcohol level of 0.0, the officer decides the press DUI charges based on his discretion. Prosecutors eventually dropped the charges. The case showed the difference an accomplished Salt Lake City DUI lawyer can make.

Stricter DUI Penalties for Underaged Drivers

Florida has established a zero-tolerance policy for underage drivers. If a driver is under 21 years of age, they can be charged with a DUI if they score above a .02. Those same laws also apply to parents or adults who are driving with children in the car. For example, if a parent is driving their child home from school after consuming just one drink, they can be charged with a DUI.

The Importance of Knowing Your Rights

In far too many cases, drivers charged with DUI do not properly understand their rights. The results can be disastrous. Suspected motorists can sometimes make poor decisions that can make their situation worse.  Breathalyzers are not always an accurate indicator of a person’s blood-alcohol level. A driver suspected of DUI also has the option to refuse a sobriety test. Police officers have been known to try to manipulate the court by saying the arrest was in the best interest of public safety. Prosecutors are also known to use the passage of time as an argument to explain why a DUI suspect did not score at least a .08. It is important to understand that any DUI charge can be challenged. If a person has scored below the legal limit, they have a legitimate claim to have the charges dropped. The best way to fight these charges is to first consult with a DUI defense lawyer with a track record of protecting the rights of each client and looking out for the best interests.

A Salt Lake City DUI Lawyer Can Help

DUI cases are not always simple. Each case and its own unique set of circumstances. When a person is charged with DUI, they must understand police and law enforcement officials have only one goal–a conviction. They are not looking out for the suspect’s best interest. Getting proper representation from a qualified legal professional is a must. A Salt Lake City DUI lawyer Joseph Jardine understands the challenges each client faces. He utilizes an aggressive and comprehensive approach to help place clients in the best position to succeed. From the moment a person arrives for their initial consultation and all the way through trial, he is committed to always be in your corner. To learn more about how a Salt Lake City DUI lawyer can help, contact Jardine Law Offices, P.C. today.