Drug or Alcohol Addiction Can Lead To Divorce

Drug or Alcohol Addiction Can Lead To Divorce

Marriage is all about finding ways to work with each other. Even though two people are not perfectly matched and may have a lot of differences, putting those differences aside is what keeps the marriage going. However, some things are simply not worth fighting for. There are certain conditions that can ruin a marriage over time. Some of these conditions involve drug and alcohol addiction.

Being married to someone with one or both of these conditions can make your life miserable. Here is how a drug or alcohol addiction can lead to a divorce if untreated.

Financial Problems

The first problem is represented through financial issues. Even alone, financial problems can cause the couple to split up and divorce overnight. As a side effect of a drug or alcohol addiction, being in a financial crisis is something the married couple will have to live with until the person who has the addiction gets treated. Either that or someone files for a divorce.

Helping the addict get over it may require a lot of money too. That is one of the reasons some people choose divorce over spending all that extra money on a potentially lost cause.
If you are looking to divorce due to financial problems, speak with the Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney and receive much-needed help and guidance.

Trust Issues

Almost every relationship is based on trust. When two people lost trust in each other, their relationship starts to fall apart. Eventually, divorce is the only option left. If one of the spouses is an alcohol or drug addict, he or she may lie to get more alcohol or about other things, such as where they were last night, what they were doing and what they spend the money on.

It is only a matter of time before every lie comes up on the surface. When that happens, the person caught lying has to bear the consequences and face the fact that their marriage may have been ruined as a result. At that point, it is already too late to try and fix things up.

Intimacy problems

A healthy marriage is based on trust and emotional and physical intimacy. If any of these things lacks or is completely gone, the chances are that the marriage will fall apart. A drug or alcohol addiction can lead to a lack of intimacy as the addicted person will be focused on finding alcohol or drugs in any way possible. And the next day, they will feel a hangover and depression.

In addition to intimacy, the couple will also have communication problems. If not sorted out as quickly as possible, the chances are that the spouse struggling to deal with the other spouse’s addiction will file for a divorce.

If you are struggling to cope with your drug-addicted spouse and need help getting divorced, feel free to call the Family Law Attorney. Seek help before it is too late and before you lose everything due to someone else’s bad addictions.