Difference Between Car and Motorcycle Insurance in California

Difference Between Car and Motorcycle Insurance in California

Regardless of whether you prefer a car or a motorcycle, you always have to have the right type of vehicle insurance. Why?
In simple words, without insurance, you will not get compensated for any injuries or damages sustained in the crash.
There is a big difference between insurance for a motorcycle and a car. Here are some differences, listed in no particular order, that you should be aware of when purchasing insurance for your motor vehicle.

The number of Wheels

Even though it may seem obvious, the number of wheels does play a difference when purchasing insurance. The insurance companies have different standards when it comes to operating two different vehicles. You cannot buy a motor vehicle insurance and expect it to cover for your car accident and vice versa.

When you purchase insurance, it should specify the size of the vehicle and the number of wheels that it has. For any additional questions, consult with Los Angeles Auto Accident Attorneys; call and schedule a free consultation at any time.

The Number of Passengers

Generally speaking, most insurance companies take into consideration the number of passengers that you have in your vehicle. If you are driving a car, they will assume that you may transport up to 4 passengers and will include that in the insurance policy. However, if you are riding a motorcycle, they will assume that you will not have (most of the time) more than one passenger (yourself), and will take that into consideration when selling you the policy. In order to buy insurance for another person riding with you, you will have to pay additional insurance coverage. Speak with your insurance company to learn more about coverage and what you have to do in order to purchase coverage for more than 1 person.

Driving/Riding Time

Another thing insurance companies take into consideration is the amount of time you spend riding a motorcycle or driving a car. Generally, car insurances are sold for the entire year, since most people drive their cars both in summer and in winter. As for motorcycles, you may have several different insurance options, based on how long and how often you ride your motorcycle.

If you are a seasonal rider, or if you only like to ride your motorcycle for the weekends, you can pay less for your insurance. The insurance company will allow you to purchase a cheaper insurance plan if your riding habits are seasonal.


Car insurance protects the passengers inside the car and the body of the car. It does not cover any accessories or gadgets that you may have inside the vehicle. Motorcycle insurance covers for the helmet (mandatory equipment) and protective clothing (standard wear for bikers). According to the law, to ride a motorcycle, you need to wear a protective helmet and clothing, or you risk losing your license and paying fines if pulled over.

Our Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyers can help you if you end up in a motorcycle accident, and will gladly explain everything to you if you have some questions concerning the motorcycle insurance and personal injuries suffered from an accident. Don’t hesitate to call and schedule your free consultation.