Common Types of Car Accidents

Common Types of Car Accidents

They happen every day and are the main cause of injuries all over the globe. Yes, we are talking about car accidents and how dangerous it is to get caught in one. Since 2011, the amount of car accidents has dropped and by 2015, the number was much lower than before. However, from 2016 and until today, the amount of injured individuals from car accidents is higher than ever before.

Each year, there are thousands of injured and killed individuals, and many were left disabled and unable to perform their regular work duties. Listed below are some of the most common types of car accidents in California.

Single Vehicle Crash

Sometimes all that it takes for an accident to happen is one vehicle and a reckless driver. In this case, the highest amount of single-vehicle crashes was caused by teenagers and drunk drivers. Los Angeles is notorious for teenage drivers, and the amount of accidents they cause every year is insanely high.

Single-vehicle crashes involve:

  • Getting off the road
  • Hitting a stationary object
  • Slipping on ice
  • Spinning out of control
  • Flipping over
  • Crashing into a fence or other property

If you want to learn more about single-vehicle crashes, contact car crash lawyers in Los Angeles; schedule a consultation completely free of charge and speak with knowledgeable experts about the subject. Be sure to ask any questions that you may have, and our attorneys will provide you with all the answers you seek.

Cross-Traffic Accidents

The most common type of cross-traffic accident is a collision at the intersections. These types of accidents are dangerous for several reasons:

  • There are always at least two cars involved
  • Other vehicles may hit the already crashed cars
  • The chances of this becoming a multi-vehicle accident are very high

The only prevention is to open both eyes widely when crossing through the intersection and watch out for speeding cars and those that are now law-abiding citizens.

Rear-End Collisions

The most common type of accidents that happen throughout entire California is the rear-end collisions. This could happen due to:

  • Extreme speed
  • Brake malfunction
  • The sudden stop of the vehicle in front of you

These crashes are usually not that “expensive” in terms of settling down and are usually settled faster than all the other types of car accidents.

Parking Lot Collisions

Every day, there are at least 10 parking collisions in Los Angeles alone. Since most parking lots are overpopulated with vehicles and pedestrians, the chances of hitting someone when reversing to get out of the parking lot are extremely high. There will always be someone behind you who didn’t notice you or was too busy texting to even care about looking around.

For these reasons, contact Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys advise every driver and pedestrian to be extremely careful around parking lots and other places where there are many cars moving around at the same time. Watch and obey the speed limit and be alert at all times.