Common Reasons Why Couples Get Divorced

Common Reasons Why Couples Get Divorced

When two people get married, they expect it to last forever. However, the truth is that only 50 percent of all marriages actually make it through the “bad” times. When it is good, it is going great, but when things get bad, the chances of a divorce are the same as flipping a coin – 50-50.

If you and your spouse are having issues, remember that you are not the only ones. There are millions of people just like you, struggling with the same issues at the same time. Here are the most common reasons people divorce, according to the statistics.


Having an affair outside of your marriage is the worst thing you can do. It is disrespectful towards your spouse, and at the same time immature. If you cannot find what you need in your spouse, why keep it together? Hit the “Divorce” button, get an attorney and settle things in court.

Cheating is not tolerated by the majority of people and is the main reason why people file for a divorce.

Money Issues

The most common topic of argument in every household worldwide is money. This is something most couples fight about, and it is a never-ending argument. There is simply never enough money, and even though it is not essential for living a good life and having a good marriage, it is needed to pay for the house, bills, food. When it comes to money, people will express their inner demons to try and prove a point. This is why most of these arguments, when not finished on time, end in divorce.

If you and your spouse are divorcing for money issues, consider speaking with Divorce Attorneys in Salt Lake City in order to protect your best interests after a divorce.

Arguing Indefinitely

Some couples simply cannot find a way to communicate properly. Instead of finding a solution, they argue about the problem over and over again. It is counterproductive, and the reason why so many marriages end in divorce.
Instead of bickering about chores, focus on actually doing something. That may save your marriage unless it is too late.

Lack of Intimacy

Without intimacy and emotions, every marriage is doomed to fail. The moment the intimacy stops, both spouses should pause and talk about it. There is definitely a reason why it happened; whether it is the kids, the stress or the simple reason such as “simply no time for intimacy”, unless the issue is solved as quickly as possible, it may lead to infidelity or divorce.

Disrespect and Lack of Equality

Whenever two are equal in everything, things work out. When this equality is broken, things fall apart. Simple as that. The same goes for marriages. When one treats the other with disrespect or as lesser, things start to go south. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, divorce papers arrive.

If your spouse treats you with disrespect and you want to file for a divorce, contact with Salt Lake City Divorce Attorneys and let them help protect your interests. They will provide you with all the information you need, and protect you against any further abuse.