In Which Circumstances Is your Termination “Wrongful” Under California Law?

In Which Circumstances Is your Termination “Wrongful” Under California Law?

Have you lost your job recently? Are you sure that it was a legal firing?

​According to statistics, 2 out of 5 fired employees have been a victim of wrongful termination.

But what exactly is “wrong” with all these firings? To find the answers, we contacted legal experts. Here is what Los Angeles California wrongful termination attorneys had to say about wrongful termination

General Discrimination

There are hundreds of complaints each day against discrimination at the workplace. Even though the state laws prohibit any type of discrimination, mistreatment or abuse at the workplace, a large number of employers abuse their “positions of power” and punish those who work for them. Most employees complain about the following types of discrimination:

  • Gender-based discrimination
  • Age-based discrimination
  • Sex-based discrimination
  • Religion-based discrimination
  • Ethnicity-based discrimination
  • National Origin-based Discrimination
  • Disability-based discrimination
  • Political Views-based discrimination
  • Martial Status-based discrimination

​If you happen to witness any of the above-listed types of discrimination or become a victim of it, you should immediately contact Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as well as one of our attorneys.

Is your Employment “At-Will”?

Most of California’s employees are at-will employees. This means that they do not have a working contract, and can be fired whenever their employers feel like it. But does that mean that they can be fired without any specific reason? Yes, an employer in California does not need a reason to fire his at-will employees.

However, that does not mean that these employees have no legal rights. Even though they are all at-will employees, they cannot be fired for the wrong reasons. This means that if they report an illegal activity (blow the whistle), or unsafe working conditions, they cannot be fired for filing a report. Also, they cannot be retaliated against as well.

​At-will employees have the right to equal pay, the right to work overtime, the right to receive promotion and the right to work in a safe working environment, without discrimination and mistreatment. Every employee is protected by both State and Federal laws, and if discriminated or terminated for any of the “wrong” reasons, has the right to sue their employer and receive proper compensation.

Prevention of Benefits and Promotion

There are many cases where individuals were terminated right before getting their benefits or a big promotion. Employers do this to save money, and usually, give no valid reason for the termination.

​If you were terminated and were not given a termination note or any reason at all, you should speak with employment lawyer and seek their help, as you may have become a victim of wrongful termination. It is important to act quickly, while things are still “fresh’. Give us a call, schedule your consultation and receive a free case review. Upon evaluation, our attorneys will decide whether or not your case falls under the category of “wrongful termination”, and act accordingly.

Don’t let anyone treat you differently, or discriminate you for whatever reason. Seek our help, and we will help you bring to justice those who did you wrong.