How Car Maintenance Can Help to Avoid Accidents

How Car Maintenance Can Help to Avoid Accidents

Did you know that you can reduce your chances of getting caught in a car accident simply by performing a regular car maintenance? Most people don’t realize that a lot of car accidents happens due to a poorly conducted car maintenance.

Whether you are driving a brand new car or a 10-year-old car, you should have it checked regularly for any malfunctions. Even the smallest of things may lead you to an accident.

Here are some of the easiest ways to avoid a car accident by applying these simple tricks to your car.


When driving a vehicle, vision is everything. If you have impaired vision even for a split second, the chances are that you are going to get caught in an accident and potentially risk losing your life.

If you have a blind spot while driving, get it taken care of. If there is a mud stain, clean it; if there is an unnecessary glare, clean it. This will reduce the reflection of light from other cars, giving you better visibility. This is extremely important, especially when driving at night. It takes 2 minutes to clean your windows and mirrors, and those 2 minutes can save your life.

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The next thing you should take care of is your lights. All of your car’s lights should work at all time. This involves front, rear, and signal lights. If one of them malfunctions, it reduces your visibility at night and the chances that you will be seen by passing cars. Remember that you are not the only one who has to be able to see things clearly on the road. The same goes for other drivers, and if they are unable to see your car clearly, they may end up hitting you.

Also, if your tail lights are not working properly, and you are about to hit the brakes, the car behind you may not notice that you are braking as your signal lights don’t work and end up slamming into you. Be sure to have your lights inspected regularly and replace them as soon as they stop functioning.


The last thing you should keep an eye out for is your tires. Once your tires start balding, they will lose traction. When a tire loses its traction, the chance of an accident increase by almost 40 percent. You won’t be able to stop immediately, and your tire may explode when a certain pressure is put on it.

Remember to replace old and worn-out tires. If you end up in a car accident due to someone else’s bald tires, your best bet is to hire a professional Personal Injury lawyer in Los Angeles and file a personal injury claim.

Other things you should properly maintain involve:

    • Car’s cooling system (extremely important during cold months)
    • Internal lights
    • Oils (brakes and the engine)
    • Fluid levels
    • Transmission fluid
    • Car battery

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