Benefits of Hiring an Attorney During Paternity

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney During Paternity

Paternity represents the process of establishing a relationship between a father and a child. In most cases, it is a very complicated process, one that involves a lot of paperwork, many different testing and a lot of money.

A legal father is any person who established parenthood over a child, the one who bears both the rights and responsibilities of being a parent. This person may not be related to the child by blood, but can still become his “legal father”.

If you are eager to learn the benefits of hiring an attorney during paternity, there are several reasons why you should do it.

Paternity is Determined Through the Court System

When a woman with a child gets married, paternity is automatically assigned to the husband. Paternity can also be automatically assigned when the child is born, regardless who the father is.

In some occasions, paternity cannot be established voluntarily. When this happens, the whole process goes to court. A Salt Lake City Paternity Attorney advises from an experienced point of view that you should hire an attorney to represent you and help you with paternity. She will make the whole process easier, help you with the paperwork, and collect the documents for you. Additionally, an attorney can do everything on your behalf, while you sit at home and take care of your family. Instead of having to go to court several times a week, you will only go once when called.

Everything goes through court, which is why it is important to have someone backing you up, someone with legal knowledge and experience in handling such situations.

An Attorney will Help you Organize DNA Tests

Some states don’t require a DNA test to establish paternity. If a woman and a man cannot agree on the parenthood of the child, both may require a DNA analysis. If any of the parties refuses to undergo DNA analysis, an attorney can “make” them do the testing.

When confronted with such a situation, it is always better to request help from a legal professional. Here at The Ault Legal Firm, we ensure that everything is done by the law and regulations. Paternity Attorneys in Salt Lake City have decades of combined experience and have dealt with numerous cases in the past. She will gladly assist you with your paternity form, help you gather all required documents, and arrange a DNA or any other analysis if necessary. Be sure to give her a call during business hours, or send her an email. Schedule your legal initial consultation, and learn why it is advised to have an attorney on your side.

The Case will Go to Court

In the end, it all goes through court. A Judge will most likely have to rule on the validity of a paternity test results. In some cases, the man who is identified as a father may deny his fatherhood. This is where attorneys play a serious role; they can represent both parties involved, and see that everything is done properly and “by the book”.