Alert: Car Accident Lawyers Only Charge a Contingency Fee!

Alert: Car Accident Lawyers Only Charge a Contingency Fee!

After getting injured in a car accident, you want to check if you are eligible to file a car accident claim against the party responsible for causing the accident. Once you have enough evidence to support your claim, or if the other party admitted fault, you should speak with an attorney.

There is a common misconception that all car accident lawyers only charge a contingency fee. This is not necessarily true. However, even those who do charge based on contingency are not as bad as they seem. Car Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles will explain everything to you in detail; feel free to call today and schedule your free initial consultation.

The following information will help you understand what contingency fee is and how it is probably a better option when hiring an attorney.

What Is A “Contingency” Fee?

When you agree to be represented by an attorney, you sign the contract which states one of the two things:

  • You will pay the attorney for their services and cover all expenses along the way, and if you win, you will pay them their share. If you do not win, you will not have to pay for anything.
  • You will not pay anything to your attorney; in addition, if your case is successful, they will charge you a certain percentage of your total settlement (usually around one-third of the entire settlement)

When an attorney charges based on “contingency”, it means that you agree to be paid only when your case is successful. They will offer you a total rate or percentage, and before signing the contract, you should try and negotiate that percentage to a certain amount. Note that no attorney will accept to work on contingency for a sum lesser than 28 to 30 percent of the entire sum.

Also, speak with your attorney and check who is paying for the additional fees (court fees, photocopying, filing fees, expert witness fees). If they are covering everything now, they will deduct that amount from your total compensation, plus their agreed percentage. 

How It is Charged

Most car accident attorneys in Los Angeles charge the same fee, or at least around the same percentage. Most attorneys will charge anywhere between 20 and 40 percent, based on the duration of the case. For instance, an attorney may charge you:

  • 25 percent of the total sum if the case before the lawsuit has been filed
  • 33 percent if a lawsuit is filed but the case settled before trial
  • 40 percent of the total sum if the case goes to trial

Again, you can try and negotiate the percentage to a certain extent. The longer the case takes to settle, the more percentage the attorney will take for their services. It is as simple as that. Contact Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys and get their legal representation and guidance today if you have recently been involved in a car accident and are in need of an attorney.