Actions You Can Take If The Other Parent Disrupts The Custody

Actions You Can Take If The Other Parent Disrupts The Custody

When two people are going through a divorce, they try and solve everything before divorce is finalized. This includes child support and child custody. After their divorce is finalized, both parents will receive a “parenting plan”, and will (or will not) be able to have their child in their home, either living permanently or visiting (as ordered by the court). 

Sometimes, one of the parents may disrupt the custody plan (whether directly or indirectly), and when that happens, the other parent has the right to take legal actions.

Here is everything that you need to know about parental interference and how to deal with it.

What Went Wrong?

First, try and determine what actually happened and how the interference came to be. Was it a product of your ex-spouse’s actions, or did it happen as a mistake? 

If your ex directly interfered with the custody plan, he or she may face more serious punishment from the court. Direct interference usually involves:

  • Not allowing the child to go back home
  • Not taking the child to school
  • Saying bad things about the child’s other parents

In many other situations, a parent may directly disrupt the custody plan appointed by the court. If and when that happens, as a primary custodial parent, you have the right to take legal actions. The court will (in the majority of situations) order that any missed parenting time be made up. However, depending on the type of disruption, the court may completely modify the custody of the child, and prevent the parent who disrupted the previous plan from having as much time (or not at all) with the child. 

All parents need to act responsibly around their children. When a parent is unable to do so, they may lose custody of their child as a result.

If you are in a similar situation with your ex, be sure to get in touch with Family Law Attorneys in Westlake Village. Give them a call today and schedule your free initial consultation.

Legal Challenges

Everyone who has been through a divorce knows how challenging it is to separate from someone, especially when there are children involved. The only way of dealing with these legal challenges is to secure an experienced attorney ahead of time and receive the best possible legal representation. Most people act as if they do not want to spend money on attorneys, and think that the services are too expensive. But what they do not realize is that attorneys are the only ones who can help prevent a huge loss. With an attorney’s help, you could prevent your other spouse from taking everything from you in a divorce. On top of that, the attorney may be the only difference between you getting full custody of your child and not being able to spend another week with your child ever again in the future.

Think wisely before you file for divorce without legal representation. And when you realize what is best for you, Westlake Village Family Law Attorneys will be waiting for your call. Do not hesitate to call whenever in need of legal advice or evaluation.