A Person Died, Hit By Pickup Truck At Rhawn Street And State Road

A Person Died, Hit By Pickup Truck At Rhawn Street And State Road

Truck accidents are very common in Pennsylvania. It is one of the states with the highest number of truck accidents according to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). 

Philadelphia is especially dangerous for most drivers and pedestrians. 

On October the 11th, 2019, a person was struck by a truck at Rhawn Street and State Road. This is one of the many accidents that occurred in 2019, but it can be used as an example of what not to do as a pedestrian in Philadelphia. Here is what happened, and what they have learned from it.

The Accident Occurred At Night

According to the officials, the accident occurred around 9:30 pm at Rhawn Street and State Road. A man in his early 60s was struck by the truck driver. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene and had no fighting chance. The driver remained at the scene and waited for the police to arrive.

Up to this day, the accident remains under investigation by the police.

When something like this occurs, it only puts the importance of awareness under the spotlight. As a pedestrian, you need to be aware of your surroundings, day or night. If you are out for a walk at 9 pm, you need to take into consideration the following:

  • It is dark and you will be hard to spot
  • The drivers may be exhausted and tired
  • It is not safe to cross the street outside the crosswalk
  • If you are wearing dark colors, you will be impossible to spot
  • Just because there is less traffic, it does not mean that you should not pay attention to it

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The Driver Was 70 Years Old

One of the most disturbing things from the report was the information that the driver of the pickup truck was 70 years of age. Now the question is: should people at this age drive? The debate has been going on forever, but there is still no law that forbids the elderly to drive. This kind of law will probably never start to exist, as there is no such thing as the “maximum age restriction for licensed drivers”. 

However, what pedestrians can do is be more careful, and always expect the unexpected. These types of accidents are always caused by at least one party’s negligence but can be prevented if the other party is attentive and aware of their surroundings.

Whether you are an elderly or just a middle-aged individual, it does not matter, the same rules apply: you have to be careful and always expect the unexpected, or you may end up dead or hospitalized.

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