9 Walking Safety Rules of the Road to Avoid Pedestrians Accident

9 Walking Safety Rules of the Road to Avoid Pedestrians Accident

Since the last few years, the number of pedestrian accidents has drastically increased in the United States. The main reason why this is happening could be related to distractions; whether the pedestrians are getting distracted by their smartphones and other gadgets, or drivers are getting distracted by the same thing, accidents continue to occur on a daily basis.

One thing is certain – walking is a healthy activity, and people will continue to walk and run regardless of everything.

For those who enjoy walking as a way of recreational activity, here are some simple safety rules of the road that will prevent you from getting involved in a pedestrian accident.

Always Face The Traffic

If you are walking on the opposite side of the road (the left side in the US) and there is no sidewalk, always face the traffic. Never turn your back to cars, as you can get hit from behind. Face them, and if necessary, evade oncoming vehicles.

Use The Crosswalks

Only cross the street on marked crosswalks. Avoid crossing in the middle of the street. If you do so and end up in an accident, contact our San Francisco crosswalk accident attorneys and see if you are eligible to file a claim against the driver.

Share the Road

There will be others on the road around you. Your job is to be responsible and share the road accordingly with bikes, bicycles, other pedestrians and cars.

Be Visible

Make sure that others can see you. If it is night time, wear clothes that reflect light so that incoming vehicles can avoid hitting you. Do not wear anything black at night.

Don’t Be Unpredictable

Every driver expects others to stay in their lane. They also expect pedestrians to stay on the sidewalk. If you suddenly run in the middle of the street, the blame is on you.

Leash Your Dogs

If you are walking your dogs close to a street filled with cars, be sure to leash them. If you let them loose, they may end up running in the middle of the street; even worse, you may follow them to try and rescue them. In both scenarios, someone may get injured

Don’t Stare at Your Cellphone

There are a lot of people who walk while staring down at their cellphones. These people are not aware of their surroundings, and can easily wander into traffic or get hit by a vehicle. Do not be one of those people.

Know When to Stop

If you are feeling tired, sick, dehydrated, take a breather. Sit down, get some air and if things start to get worse, call 911. Better to get hospitalized than to stop moving on the crossroad and get hit by a car.

If you do end up getting hit by a vehicle, call our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in San Francisco and seek their help in recovering the compensation for your damages.

Stranger Danger!

If it applies to kids, it applies to you too. Choose your walking routes carefully, and walk the streets that are populated and crowded. Do not enter dark alleys alone, especially during night time. Be on your guard, as you never know who may try and do something to you (rob or kidnap you).